Four of the best tourist attractions from Vietnam

No doubt that Vietnam offers several impressive tourist attractions. But let’s take a look at four of the most visited ones by tourists from around the globe.
Visit Vietnam’s well-preserved Temple of Literature
If you wish to take a look at carefully preserved piece of Vietnam’s architecture, you should definitely visit Temple of Literature. It is dedicated to socialist Confucius, and is home to wonderful pond called “’Well of Heavenly Clarity”. It is located in North Vietnam’s Hanoi town.
Visit Halong Bay
In spite of overcrowding and eco-vandalism, Halong Bay has successfully managed to retain its luster. It is often referred as Vietnam’s gem. You would be amazed after looking at number of tourists and flash emitted by their cameras to capture the beauty of this emerald surrounded by water. But your trip to Vietnam won’t be complete without visiting Halong Bay. This destination is located in Vietnam’s northeastern part.
Visit Cat Tien National Park for adventure
Wish to closely watch animals, mammals, rare species of birds, and enjoy adventure sports as well? Cat Tien National Park can prove to be the best destination for you. The park is located in southern part of Vietnam and it is also considered home to Vietnam’s largest lowland tropical forest area.
Cat Tien National Park attracts scientists, geologists, and ornithologists because of its vast collection of animals, mammals, and rare species of birds. The park also offers several accommodation options and restaurants to take care of your food needs. It is one of the best trekking vietnam destinations.
Sapa offers splendid view of mountains
Sapa is another popular attraction located in northwest Vietnam. This destination offers nation’s most cultural and visually compelling stimuli. Hills around this destination are slowly gaining popularity among trekking enthusiasts. Thanks to its wonderful and picturesque mountains, Sapa attracts tourists from China, France as well as the United States.*/‎external-link.jspa?‎

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